Are you looking for amazing phones at cheap prices? Blu is a company that makes high quality phones at rock bottom prices. The things you want to look out for when buying a BLU phone is the specs. Check out the newest phones costing 600-700 dollars and find a BLU […]

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Some of the easiest phones to root are samsung. With Googles nexus being another very is system to root. galaxy s5       galaxy s3       nexus one      nexus If its android there is usually no problem with most models. Some are more complicated than others. Some models […]

How to Root or jailbreak your smart phone

On No where did that picture go???? Have you ever deleted an file, picture, music file and wanted to get it back but did not know how to. Well I just stumbled upon a software that can help anyone get it back. Even if you are “tech challenged” this software […]

Data deleted????

Smartphone being diagnosed by stethoscope - phone repair and check up concept
Whats wrong with my phone???  Is there something that just doesn’t seem right about your phone? Not acting like it did when you fist took it out of the box? Well, you have fount the right place to get the help you need. I can help you with any problem you […]

Whats wrong with my phone??

Have you ever wanted to get more out of your phone? Rooting or jailbreaking your phone is one way to achieve this. Although with Android you don’t have to to get some really amazing features or utilities. There are many sources on the internet to help you with this. But […]

Rooting your phone?

There are many apps to help you multitask with android. Tiny apps, pie controls, Swype and fly ate some of these apps. These are just some if the apps that I use everyday. They bring the ability to get to what you need to in a clutch. When you need […]

How to multi task with Android

How do we keep our passwords safe. I am currently making a product that will show you exactly how to keep your passwords safe and secure. Also, how to sync these passwords between devices. Some password keepers say that they can keep your passwords safe and sync them. Is this […]

Password Protection

The LG V20 is the follow-up phone for LG to last year’s V10. The kept some of the more popular features and left behind some of the weaker ones. This phone seems to be hot item. The body is metal and feels solid in your hands. It comes with a […]

Tech: LG V20

Smartphone being diagnosed by stethoscope - phone repair and check up concept
This is a place were anyone can come and ask questions to get answers when you need help. It does not matter what you have we can give you the help you need. I have my hands in everything. Mac, IOS, Android, PC and any thing under the sun. If I don’t know […]

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