Start using the full potential of your phone!


  • Need to take a quick note without leaving an app?
  • Need a quick access lists many times a day.
  • What about a calculator that’s always there when you need it!
  • In this android app review we review tiny apps

Tiny Apps for Android!

floating-islandThis app brings floating apps to yours android device. When paired with pie controls you make a dream team


Pie controls screenshot

Below is a video on the usage and features of the app. There are two free versions that are on the Google Play market. One is a small pop-up and another is a whole screen pop-up.

Download from google play market here: Tiny Apps older version
(can’t be found by searching any more)
Download from google play market here: Pie Controls



In this tutorial we focus on the older version. It’s the one we use.

When this app is started it brings up a small rectangular menu in the middle of your screen for 8 items, while the new version is the whole screen and has more functions.  Notes, voice recorder, music player, calculator, picture gallery, browser, any widget and settings are the limit to the old version. The minimalist effect the old version has on the screen is the best part of the old version.


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Any widget is a little buggy. But most apps don’t have a widget you would want as a floating app. Experiment with this great feature. If you find any more bugs please tell us.

The Widgets are floating!

The music player is great for the gym. Browsing the internet and listening to music has never been sweeter. Skip a song and don’t skip a step. It’s is simple as swiping the player tiny icon from the left side of the screen, press skip, then move the player back to the left side of the screen. Back to googling.

Sound Bites on Point!

The one moment you need to record sound in a clutch and you can’t get the app out! Pair this with Pie controls and your a in the moment sound recording expert. Sound bites are great for adding to videos or music recordings. Real life is more funny that any script.

In the settings you can find changes you can implement for each of the 7 pop-ups.  Some of these features are permanent notification, start at boot, bullet points for notes,  vibrate on calculator click and browser home page and a few more. This app is everything you could want for your multi tasking needs!