Useful tips for fixing a faulty internet connection

Useful tips for fixing a faulty internet connection

The internet is for creating convenience in life, not to create stress and headaches. It can be frustrating when you lose your internet connection when you need it most. You could call up your Internet service provider but they provide little help over phone and if they send repair person it would be a charged services. BUT wait, you know TechAdict so we can help you in your time of need. Read this article and you to will be able to diagnose and fix your slow connection.

Determine if the problem is with your computer or the network:
If other devices connected to the same network are able to access internet, then problem lies with your Computer. You should check the internet settings of your PC such as Wi-Fi connection or reboot the computer. If no other device can connect to internet then problem resides in your network hardware or network configuration.

Try opening different website or program:
There can be a chance that the website you looking for is down for some reason or the program you are using may have server problem on its end. Try opening  another website or program that accesses the internet to see if you can connect. If you have another browser try opening websites in the other browser to rule out problems with the browser. There might be a problem in settings of the browser you are currently using.

Restart your PC:

Restarting a PC can be a simple solution to fix majority of PC issues. Sometimes in a PC temporary files stock pike and cause the system to slow down and not operate properly. This is the easiest way to configure all the PC settings. A simple restart can clear out bad issues causing connectivity issues. There may be a chances that nothing happen by doing this.

Reset network hardware:
If your network connection suddenly goes off then there may be fault in your network hardware and restarting / unplugging them can be helpful in restoring network connection. For this, unplug your router and modem cables, wait for some time and again plug them in. Wait till they get complete power supply then try loading web pages.

Boost your Wi-Fi signals:

If you experience problem with signals than it usually means there is issue with interference and distance of your Wi-Fi. There are various things which you can do to resolve this problem and get signals back.

Perform virus and malware scan as there may be certain malicious code hindering the ability of your pc to access internet. Virus can be tricky to get rid from, your computer would be much secure if you perform scan once in 15 days.

Deleted Data Recovery made easy 

Deleted Data Recovery made easy 

Contact us to Recover data!You can now recover your lost or deleted data from PC easily on your own! Sounds quite unusual, but you can recover your lost data or deleted data from PC very easily, if you discover the loss quickly. Chances of recovering deleted or lost files decreases every time you write anything on hard drive. Minimizing the use of computer until you completely recovering your data will prevent total data loss.

Before restore check the recycle bin. Looking in the recycle bin first is sometimes overlooked. Windows stores deleted data in recycle bin as a safety measure. It is one of the easiest places to find your deleted files. You will find your deleted files there if it has not been emptied and you can recover those files by dragging and dropping the files to the desktop to restore them or clicking the right mouse button on the file then click restore. Either method will bring back your file from the recycle bin.


Here’s how you can recover deleted data or files from the PC:


Deleted Data Recovery

Restore previous version:

In the Windows operating system there is built in functionality within file explorer to recover lost files. You can recover your deleted data or files by restoring a previous version of the folder. Once your file gets deleted from the system, the space covered by that file is cleared and is marked as free space available for saving other things. But your computer will not overwrite that space until it has no other option available. As soon as you realize that a file needs to be restored it is important to not download or save anything at that time so your files space is not overwritten. Quickly restore the folder where the files were located. You can do this by right clicking the location where your file was stored and selecting restoring previous version in the drop down menu. Its as easy as that!

Backup Hero

Use your backup:

**note**  If you are not backing up your data you are making a costly mistake.

Backups are how you keep a computer running smoothly for years. If you need help with this we teach for free easy techniques to backup and manage PC’s, Mac’s, iPhones, Androids and more. Contact us now for more info

It might be the case that you have deleted your files from recycle bin in order to remove unwanted files from your PC or you might have the habit of using ‘Shift + Delete’ (used to delete and skip the recycle bin) for deleting files. In such cases, recovering data from backup is another solution. If you have habit of backing up your hard drive or libraries then you can find you’re deleted files or data from there. If you don’t backup your files then sorry this solution is not for you. For the future you can check out our Computer maintenance packages. All packages include antivirus, computer or cell phone backups and computer or smart phone maintenance. Contact us for more info.


Try free recovery software first:

As stated above, your computer does not overwrite the space your files occupied when you delete any file or data until until there are no other space available for saving data. This why it is extremely important to not download or save anything until you have restored the deleted data. There are many free choices available to help you recover data. These software are fairly easy to use and some have a good track of record in recovering deleted data. If you have any doubts on what software to get let us know and we can assist you in choosing the right software for your situation. Below are some of the software that we know are good choices. There are many other good choices as well. Leave a comment if you have other suggestion.

EaseUs Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery


If all the above methods fail or you are unable to recover data on your own, then land on the last resort i.e. hire a professional to recover data for you. With above methods you can recover your data and files from the PC which was deleted accidentally from your computer. Questions or comments?? Leave them below

How to get free images legally

How to get free images legally

One common problems website owners make is using the wrong images and they end up becoming a thief in the process. It’s an easy mistake to make but can be a costly one. Why make the mistake of stealing image like thousands of people are, when in fact, free images that can be reused and sometimes modified could be found of almost anything.  

This article will cover what labeled for reuse means. How you can use Google search to find these images. And lastly, reuse with modification. Images have usage rights just like music and film do.  In other words, you must have the usage rights to use the image on your website. 

There are two types of images  labeled for reuse, labeled for reuse with modification:

1) Labeled for reuse in simple form allows individuals to take a photo and reuse it commercially, and/or non-commercially, without any modification. 

2) Labeled for reuse with modification is simply adding the ability to modify the image commercially and non-commercially

Still a little confused? 

Let us explain it a little more. You can use the photos found in a Google search with some of Google’s own search tools in any way that you want. Examples such as your own website, school project, work project and more.   

You can and probably will be prosecuted if you are taking images directly off of any website or Google workout proper search parameters and or permissions. Fines can be  about $1,000 per image and sometimes more. 

So might be asking yourself where are these search tools and how do I use then. We have made a video on just this, and it’s free!!! Sign up to join our Facebook group to access the free video. There are many other resources available only through our members only Facebook group.

 On a side note it is important to mention that is a good idea to give credit to the original author if possible. Most of the time this isn’t required, but it is a respect thing. The least we can do is give credit where it is due, after all they are giving you free images that help drive traffic to your site or make beautiful your project. 

If you require high quality images and can use a pay per image source. There are great choices such as Adobe Stock, Getty Images and Shutterstock. These companies, and others, provide very high quality images at a minimal price. When going for these kind of purchases do your homework. If you need help in deciding or any other tech related questions join our Facebook group and ask away. 

Mega-Man: a blast from the past

Mega-Man: a blast from the past

Capcom is doing a total restore of 6 Mega-Man games. They will be scalable if the Google play store soon. The article on phandroid can be seen here.

The release of these titles has been very hush hush for anyone other than Japan. They will be getting them on January 6th. Lucky to be the initial test group, as usual.

Gameplay looks identical to the original titles but looks can be deceiving. The games have on screen controls for sure. Our hope is that they will have tilt controls as well.

Will update more after the release.

What keyboard do you have?

What keyboard do you have?


Android Keyboard favorites


In android it is very easy to get an android replacement keyboard. If you haven’t got one you should. Swype is a favorite around here. It syncs all your dictionary words across all your different devices. There are many other choices. Which one will you choose?  In the article below is a survey taken on that very question.


  • Highly customizable theme, height, font and more
  • Dictionary updates and Personal Backup and sync
  • Predictive Text and Dragon Dictation
  • Multilingual and bilingual
  • Keyboard Types – Full Screen, movable and split screen
  • Swype Gestures
    • Select All (Swype key to ‘A’)
    • Cut (Swype key to ‘X’)
    • Copy (Swype key to ‘C’)
    • Paste (Swype key to ‘V’)
    • Search (Swype key to ‘S’)



  • Automatically fixes typos with Auto correct
  • Faster typing with predicted text
  • Swipe to type with Flow
  • Learns how you type and use of Emoji Keyboard
  • 80+ colors, designs and themes
  • Bi-lingual auto correct, many languages


  •  Learns as you type
  •  Gesture Typing
  •  Voice typing
  •  Word completion suggestions
  •  Sync across devices
  •  Gesture Controls
  •  Symbols hint
  •  One handed mode
  •  Fast capitalization
  • Multiple layouts


  • Extensions for customization 3 slots
  • Auto Correct
  • 40+ Designs
  • Emoji Multi Lingual
  • Word Completion






Swype is one if the best keyboard on the market. It is only 99 cents and had a free trial. If that’s too much money for you to spend on an app then you should get Google opinion rewards. It is a 4-5 ?ion survey app from Google  that pays play store credit. Amazing. What now iPhone. Oh sorry. Love my mac.

Now we will go over some of the swipe  settings.  Press and hold the magical S button.  Watch this video to see more. Thanks

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