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Share This: Do you want to seamlessly move files between your android phone and your Mac or PC? Do you want to use your phone as another screen to your computer? Well, the time has come for your wish to come true. Desk Dock is an app that brings all […]

Super Multi Task – DeskDock

Android word cloud
Share This: If google can’t find it there must be something wrong, right? “I Can’t find it on Google“. Well its probably there. We can help you find it. It seems sometimes if we don’t talk google language to that search bar then she’s not going to give you that result. […]

Google can’t find it

Share This: In this article we have reviewed the Motorola X pure edition. This phone was released in 2015. It will soon be upgraded to the newest version of android Nougat. This phone comes with a 5.7″ screen, 3 GB of Ram and comes in 32GB and 64GB models. It […]

Motorola X pure edition

Share This: Android file managers are a dime a dozen. There are so many to choose from. What if you had one that was easy, had the features you need and did more. Keep reading to find one of the best. I have tried hundreds of file explores over the […]

Android file manager

Share This: Cheap phones are really easy to find but we all want good quality as well. Blu is a company that makes high quality phones at rock bottom prices. The thing you want to look out for when buying a BLU phone is the specs. Check out the newest […]

Cheap Phones

Share This: Rooting or Jailbreaking is something a person wants if they require more capability from there phone. Some of the easiest phones to root are samsung. With Googles nexus being another very easy system to root. galaxy s5       galaxy s3       nexus one      nexus If […]

Rooting or Jailbreaking

Share This: Was my data deleted? Oh No where did that picture go???? Have you ever deleted an file, picture, music file and wanted to get it back but did not know how to. Well I just stumbled upon a software that can help anyone get it back. Even if […]

Data deleted????

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Share This:   Is there something that just doesn’t seem right about your phone? Not acting like it did when you fist took it out of the box? Slow, freezing or any number of problems that you don’t want in your busy day.  Well, you have fount the right place […]

Whats wrong with my phone??

Share This: Password security is a very serious topic in todays world. Do you have so many passwords that you get lost or just repeat the same password over and over again. Password security is very important in this world where major corporations are getting hacked many times a year.   […]

Password Protection

Share This: Have you ever wanted to get more out of your phone? Rooting or jailbreaking your phone is one way to achieve this. Although with Android you don’t have to to get some really amazing features or utilities. There are many sources on the internet to help you with […]

Rooting your phone?

Share This: There are many apps to help you multitask with android. Tiny apps, pie controls, Swype and fly are some of these apps. These are just some of the apps that we use everyday. They bring the ability to get to what you need to in a clutch. When […]

How to multi task with Android

Share This: The LG V20 is the follow-up phone for LG to last year’s V10. The kept some of the more popular features and left behind some of the weaker ones. This phone seems to be hot item. The body is metal and feels solid in your hands. It comes […]

Tech: LG V20

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Share This: This is a place were anyone can come and ask questions to get answers when you need help. It does not matter what you have we can give you the help you need. I have my hands in everything. Mac, IOS, Android, PC and any thing under the sun. If […]

If its Tech I can help!

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Broken screen?