It is such a bummer when your phone falls from your hands and shatters the screen before your very eyes. There are many places to get it fixed. Most screens can be bought thru the internet but how do you take it apart and better yet how do you get it back together as it was before. Well, we are here to let you know that here are resources to help you including this site.

There are many places on the net that can give you specific and simple instructions on how to fix almost all devices today. One resource is . They show pictures of every step and have detailed instructions.

If the job is just more than you think your capable of then there is another choice. We can do it for you or lead you to someone in your area that can. I have the tool kit in the ad below and all the tools to repair just about any device. There is also the 2016 version of the ifixit kit below. This kit is a must have!