What keyboard do you have?

What keyboard do you have?


Android Keyboard favorites


In android it is very easy to get an android replacement keyboard. If you haven’t got one you should. Swype is a favorite around here. It syncs all your dictionary words across all your different devices. There are many other choices. Which one will you choose?  In the article below is a survey taken on that very question.


  • Highly customizable theme, height, font and more
  • Dictionary updates and Personal Backup and sync
  • Predictive Text and Dragon Dictation
  • Multilingual and bilingual
  • Keyboard Types – Full Screen, movable and split screen
  • Swype Gestures
    • Select All (Swype key to ‘A’)
    • Cut (Swype key to ‘X’)
    • Copy (Swype key to ‘C’)
    • Paste (Swype key to ‘V’)
    • Search (Swype key to ‘S’)



  • Automatically fixes typos with Auto correct
  • Faster typing with predicted text
  • Swipe to type with Flow
  • Learns how you type and use of Emoji Keyboard
  • 80+ colors, designs and themes
  • Bi-lingual auto correct, many languages


  •  Learns as you type
  •  Gesture Typing
  •  Voice typing
  •  Word completion suggestions
  •  Sync across devices
  •  Gesture Controls
  •  Symbols hint
  •  One handed mode
  •  Fast capitalization
  • Multiple layouts


  • Extensions for customization 3 slots
  • Auto Correct
  • 40+ Designs
  • Emoji Multi Lingual
  • Word Completion






Swype is one if the best keyboard on the market. It is only 99 cents and had a free trial. If that’s too much money for you to spend on an app then you should get Google opinion rewards. It is a 4-5 ?ion survey app from Google  that pays play store credit. Amazing. What now iPhone. Oh sorry. Love my mac.

Now we will go over some of the swipe  settings.  Press and hold the magical S button.  Watch this video to see more. Thanks

Phan Favs: What is the best Android keyboard? [VOTE]



Pie control for android

Pie control for android



PieWith android there are many ways to multi task. There are hundreds of free apps to choose from. The really good apps will have great features even in the free version and add-on features in the paid version. Pie controls is one of these apps.

I’m greedy, I want my cake and eat it too! (When I buy an app)psx-original-controller

 You get full functioning features with the free app. The paid version had some really nice features but the upgrade is not necessary to get a great app.



Pie controls has a self explanatory name. It creates a pie shaped pop-up menu that you can customize in very useful ways. In the video below we have gone thru most of the app and have instructions on how to use it. Enjoy. It’s a great app!!

Pie Controls

The app has three or four useable area, depending on which version you are using (free or paid). The “crust” is the battery and clock bar. Like the other layers of pie controls it is highly customizable in both visual and physical ways. Color, outline, 12/24 hours, no time, no battery and some more.


Whats inside??

The inner slice is the first “quick apps” area. Each button area has the ability to hold two apps. One being quick touch and the other being long press. The next slice is the last one for the free version. It works the same was as the inner slice. Both the first and the second “quick apps” area have five buttons for use in the free version. While, the 2 slice has 8 buttons in the pro version (5 in the free version). There is also a third slice has 12 available with the pro version purchase.


There is two different types of pie slices. One for the top, button, left and right while the other is strictly for the corners. The corners are limited to one level and had no battery bar. Lastly, there are two different modes. One is for portrait and one for landscape. There is a check box  in the active area settings to make one mode mimic the other. If checked the height, width and position will be the same for both modes.


This app has a lot of love to give!!

In conclusion, this app brings a very handy menu where you can open any app,  tool our setting on your phone. This is not the first or last app of it’s kind but is is one of the best in our opinion. Let us know what you think!!

How to Video Archive – TheMainLine

How to Video Archive – TheMainLine

Welcome to the Video Archive and Request Forum!


All our how to videos can be found here!

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Videos are a great way to show you how to complete any task.

Computers are like Legos. Complexity only takes more time.

With clear instructions anyone can build a super computer.[yottie id=”1″]

We make all Kinds of videos. For Android, IOS, Mac, PC and if requested any thing else under the sun.

We have a very clear mission for Tech Adict, which is to provide free tech support for the world. One step at a time we will take over this and it will be the next open source arena. People deserve quality service for there computer. Making it free is our mission.

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Kodi for Android Tutorial – Free Movies on android

Kodi for Android Tutorial – Free Movies on android

Kodi can replace your cable bill!

Do you want free movies without cable? What about current tv without that cable bill? You have found a full tutorial on how to get free movies on android and your tv. There are many options when it comes to Kodi. One option is your cell phone and you can send it to your tv with a chromecast or Amazon fire stick! Another option is something like apple tv but it has Kodi loaded on it, G-box q2. With all of these devices you can install Kodi and get free movies.

amazon-fire-stick   chromecast  gbox-like

Here is the best thing since color tv! This is a review for the best video streaming app for any device, Kodi. In this tutorial we have the details on how to install Kodi for android. Kodi can be downloaded from the google play market but it does need some modifying to get it to be the ultimate Netflix killer. With this tutorial you can have Kodi up and running in less that ten minutes, plus any download time that would be needed. As always feel free to contact us and leave comments if you have any questions.

It is simpler than it looks. Kodi started its life as an app called XBMC. Thankfully so, they changed the name to something a little more pleasing. The app can be added to Android, Mac, PC and jailbroken iPhone’s. Sorry to iPhone users.

The app starts as just a generic media player. It has none of the bells and whistles that make it great. A modification needs to be done to add the ability to have the “channels” to watch the movies. Not a problem. If you are trying to install it on any other operating system just leave a comment and I will get the info to you.

Team Viewer – Remote Desktop

Team Viewer – Remote Desktop

Team Viewer is designed to allow two devices connect in what is called remote desktop. It is designed for IT departments to provide support, allow employee teamviewer_logocollaboration or as a way to work from home when you can’t get to the office. It requires very little setup and is very user friendly. There is a admin and a host computer. Where the host is usually the IT professional you need help from and the client is the user’s computer.

Another way to get free help! The program is free to use to anyone and there is also a commercial use version that is available. Once the program is installed on both host and client the program automatically generates a passcode which needs to be shared with the other computer to gain remote access. This can go both ways, from client to host or host to client.  This feature has been called switching sides. This feature can be handy if the person receiving help for the IT department needs to see the desktop of the other computer. The IT pro can simply switch sides and the user will then be allowed access to the host computer.

Share files with your other devices. Your own personal cloud.

Team Viewer can be also used to share files. It uses a simple drag and drop sync-filesinterface. There is also a copy feature so you can easily move only copiedparts of a file to the connected computer. Transferring files if quick and painless with this feature of Team Viewer. Maintaining a database on multiple computers can be difficult unless you use a great program like this one to make the process simple.

There is also a mobile app that Team Viewer has to help make tech help that much easier. It is identical to the design on the PC/Mac program. Functions available to the mobile app include but are not limited to the control panel, chat feature, remote control, remote view and much more. This is a full feature app and provides the best solution for a remote desktop available, free or commercial.

Recently TeamViewer has added additional security features to its remote apps to prevent anyone from accessing your account. One of these features is called “trusted device” which enables you to create a more secure link to the computers that you know and trust while excluding the ones that have not made any previous authorized connection. This feature was an extremely needed feature in today’s word. The programs now uses a 256 bit encryption which is higher encryption then most online banks use. Team Viewer also watches from unusual behavior and notifies you of this kind of activity.


computer-protectionTeam Viewer is a solid solution many IT professionals use day to day. There are other choices out there but most are more difficult to use and there features are limited or complicated. Team Viewer has a easy to use interface that anyone can become familiar with quickly and connects very simply. The mobile apps make this a no brainer for anyone wanting to use a remote desktop connection program.

Super Multi Task – DeskDock Pro -Android App Review

Super Multi Task – DeskDock Pro -Android App Review

In this android app review we focus on DeskDock

Android is built for super multi taking. So many free apps with so many different amazing features. Pop-up app drawers, mini notes, multi screen and so on. In this review we focus our attention to a great app that extends you laptop or desktop screen. Desk dock Pro for android

3-computersSomething to think about

  • Do you want to seamlessly move files between your android phone and your Mac or PC?
  • Do you want to use your phone as another screen to your computer?

Well, the time has come for your wish to come true. Desk Dock is an app that brings all of this to life. No matter what type of computer you have this app can be a secondary display for you. In this Android app review we break down Desk Dock and all of its features.sync-phone-to-computer


Extend your reach!

This app is an all-in-one solution to bring your computers mouse and keyboard to your android device with a usb connection. It does require some expertise but nothing we can’t help you with. You should get this app if you want to multi task like nobody else with your devices. You can simply move your mouse to the predefined area on the desktop or laptop and your mouse moves I to the screen of the Android device. Amazing!!

The features

  • Use your computer’s mouse and keyboard with your android device
  • share anything you copy from one device to another, seamlessly
  • drag and drop url’s will be opened automatically
  • many shortcuts for multitouch, change volume, change brightness and more
  • supports Mac, PC, and Linux OS and works on Android 4.1+
  • No rooting your device is required, definite benefit
  • Connect Multiple android device, what are you serious? YES
  • Arrange device access where you want them
  • DeskDock is ready for the newest Android version, Nougat

The shared clipboard alone can be considered as the IOS and macOS universal clipboard. Now your Android devices can share more than just a clipboard. You mouse and keyboard can be connected to your devices as well. What an amazing time we live in. I’m so glad to be apart of this tech revolution.

one-screenPC or Mac App, free

This app does require a companion app to be installed on the PC or Mac computer that you want your android to work with. Totally free and can be downloaded here: DeskDock Server. Your Java Runtime should also be updated to the most recent version. In Mac OS this can be found in settings and close to the bottom you will find java if it has been previously installed. If not goto Java for mac. If you have a PC goto Windows Java download. Depending on your system you may have to find the correct install for your unique situation. If you have any troubles then you can contact us and we will find what you need. After all we are a free tech service, bring the questions. Subscribe and know the feeling of someone who has your interest in mind.

Here is one disclaimer from the app developer. It is something that any good developer will add to there app. Especially when there app is something as revolutionary as DeskDock Pro, I welcome the questions, and welcome your support.


“Important: Please be aware that this is an early version of this application. Bugs and issues might cross your way. If something does not work, please do
not write bad reviews, but send an emaone-screen-2il to the support email address listed below or in the app so I actually have a chance to help you or fix the issues. Thanks!” Google Play DeskDock