Android App Review Tiny apps

Android App Review Tiny apps

Start using the full potential of your phone!


  • Need to take a quick note without leaving an app?
  • Need a quick access lists many times a day.
  • What about a calculator that’s always there when you need it!
  • In this android app review we review tiny apps

Tiny Apps for Android!

floating-islandThis app brings floating apps to yours android device. When paired with pie controls you make a dream team


Pie controls screenshot

Below is a video on the usage and features of the app. There are two free versions that are on the Google Play market. One is a small pop-up and another is a whole screen pop-up.

Download from google play market here: Tiny Apps older version
(can’t be found by searching any more)
Download from google play market here: Pie Controls



In this tutorial we focus on the older version. It’s the one we use.

When this app is started it brings up a small rectangular menu in the middle of your screen for 8 items, while the new version is the whole screen and has more functions.  Notes, voice recorder, music player, calculator, picture gallery, browser, any widget and settings are the limit to the old version. The minimalist effect the old version has on the screen is the best part of the old version.


Comment if you have any issues or need help

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Any widget is a little buggy. But most apps don’t have a widget you would want as a floating app. Experiment with this great feature. If you find any more bugs please tell us.

The Widgets are floating!

The music player is great for the gym. Browsing the internet and listening to music has never been sweeter. Skip a song and don’t skip a step. It’s is simple as swiping the player tiny icon from the left side of the screen, press skip, then move the player back to the left side of the screen. Back to googling.

Sound Bites on Point!

The one moment you need to record sound in a clutch and you can’t get the app out! Pair this with Pie controls and your a in the moment sound recording expert. Sound bites are great for adding to videos or music recordings. Real life is more funny that any script.

In the settings you can find changes you can implement for each of the 7 pop-ups.  Some of these features are permanent notification, start at boot, bullet points for notes,  vibrate on calculator click and browser home page and a few more. This app is everything you could want for your multi tasking needs!

Pie control for android

Pie control for android



PieWith android there are many ways to multi task. There are hundreds of free apps to choose from. The really good apps will have great features even in the free version and add-on features in the paid version. Pie controls is one of these apps.

I’m greedy, I want my cake and eat it too! (When I buy an app)psx-original-controller

 You get full functioning features with the free app. The paid version had some really nice features but the upgrade is not necessary to get a great app.



Pie controls has a self explanatory name. It creates a pie shaped pop-up menu that you can customize in very useful ways. In the video below we have gone thru most of the app and have instructions on how to use it. Enjoy. It’s a great app!!

Pie Controls

The app has three or four useable area, depending on which version you are using (free or paid). The “crust” is the battery and clock bar. Like the other layers of pie controls it is highly customizable in both visual and physical ways. Color, outline, 12/24 hours, no time, no battery and some more.


Whats inside??

The inner slice is the first “quick apps” area. Each button area has the ability to hold two apps. One being quick touch and the other being long press. The next slice is the last one for the free version. It works the same was as the inner slice. Both the first and the second “quick apps” area have five buttons for use in the free version. While, the 2 slice has 8 buttons in the pro version (5 in the free version). There is also a third slice has 12 available with the pro version purchase.


There is two different types of pie slices. One for the top, button, left and right while the other is strictly for the corners. The corners are limited to one level and had no battery bar. Lastly, there are two different modes. One is for portrait and one for landscape. There is a check box  in the active area settings to make one mode mimic the other. If checked the height, width and position will be the same for both modes.


This app has a lot of love to give!!

In conclusion, this app brings a very handy menu where you can open any app,  tool our setting on your phone. This is not the first or last app of it’s kind but is is one of the best in our opinion. Let us know what you think!!

How to Video Archive – TheMainLine

How to Video Archive – TheMainLine

Welcome to the Video Archive and Request Forum!


All our how to videos can be found here!

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If you don’t find the how to video your looking for here, ask. We’ll make it!

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Videos are a great way to show you how to complete any task.

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We make all Kinds of videos. For Android, IOS, Mac, PC and if requested any thing else under the sun.

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Kodi for Android Tutorial – Free Movies on android

Kodi for Android Tutorial – Free Movies on android

Kodi can replace your cable bill!

Do you want free movies without cable? What about current tv without that cable bill? You have found a full tutorial on how to get free movies on android and your tv. There are many options when it comes to Kodi. One option is your cell phone and you can send it to your tv with a chromecast or Amazon fire stick! Another option is something like apple tv but it has Kodi loaded on it, G-box q2. With all of these devices you can install Kodi and get free movies.

amazon-fire-stick   chromecast  gbox-like

Here is the best thing since color tv! This is a review for the best video streaming app for any device, Kodi. In this tutorial we have the details on how to install Kodi for android. Kodi can be downloaded from the google play market but it does need some modifying to get it to be the ultimate Netflix killer. With this tutorial you can have Kodi up and running in less that ten minutes, plus any download time that would be needed. As always feel free to contact us and leave comments if you have any questions.

It is simpler than it looks. Kodi started its life as an app called XBMC. Thankfully so, they changed the name to something a little more pleasing. The app can be added to Android, Mac, PC and jailbroken iPhone’s. Sorry to iPhone users.

The app starts as just a generic media player. It has none of the bells and whistles that make it great. A modification needs to be done to add the ability to have the “channels” to watch the movies. Not a problem. If you are trying to install it on any other operating system just leave a comment and I will get the info to you.

Slow computer -We can help free

Slow computer -We can help free

computer problems

Do you have a slow computer?


In most cases your computer could last a few more years and only simple maintenance is needed for that to happen. One way to do this is clean the cache and temp files. Other ways involve controlling what programs start when you turn on the computer. These are just a few of the many ways to fix a slow computer. We can teach you to do these kind of fixes all on your own or you can hire us to do it for you. We custom or service to meet your needs not the other way around.

Tech Adict was started with the goal of providing excellent IT services to the customers dealing with computers in businesses and in homes. We aim to give world class tech service at a price you can afford. We all have many devices and don’t often have the time to maintain them ourselves. Count on us to help you carry to load!

We can help for free.

Contact us and we can diagnose any computer for free. As time goes by a computer tends to get slow. Almost everyone has had this happen to them. Many fixes are so simple but instead of fixing it we buy a new one, or someone convinces us to. Salesman??? Get the most life out of your computers as you can.

We can walk you thru the fix or connect remotely to help you fix many issues, free!

Often with time we install so may apps and then never use them and possibly never will. With a PC having to many installed apps slowsfree the system down. Likewise in the Android OS, it can become very lethargic with excess apps. Before you download and install any apps make sure they are really valuable to you and that you research them to make sure it’s the best one for your needs.

We also love to help people find the right app for there needs. Tell us what your desired ability is on your device and we will help you find the app to do that! Contact Us!

Movie Streaming Done Right – Gbox

Movie Streaming Done Right – Gbox

Cut the cord to the cable company!!

Everyone today is into movie streaming. We search endlessly for a movie streaming website The Gbox is movie streaming done right. The Gbox Q2 is not the first device the company matricom has made but it is the best they have released thus far. With this device they have made a device that is ready for primetime and able to upgrade with the future.

Specs of the new Gbox Q2

The Q2 comes with 4K ultra HD and 3D capabilities out of the box. It comes with the Android 5.1.1 OS included and is powered by a Mali-450 Octocore GPU for 3D graphics and a Amlogic s812 Quad Core @ 2GHz processor. The device comes with 2GB of DDR3 Ram and 16GB of flash storage. Those specs alone are enough to make anyone jump. These specs are far above any other streaming box on the market and probably will be for years to come.

Designed to look beautiful

The design of the Q2 is beautiful. It is very streamlined and will look perfect on your entertainment center. There are HDMI ports, LAN port, SD card slot and two USB ports all located on the back side of the device. The Q2 has built in WI-Fi and bluetooth so connecting virtually anything to it will be a breeze.

Q box streaming Box

The device comes with a fairly typical remote control and can be the only thing you need to control your new streaming device but we recommend adding a bluetooth keyboard to one of the USB ports so navigating in the Android sections of the device is far more easy. There are upgraded packages that can be purchased thru amazon that include a bigger keyboard but we recommend a Logitech keyboard that has a trackpad connected that way you don’t have to go searching for the mouse when all you can find is the keyboard.

kodiMatricom has made the user experience much more streamlined compared to previous versions of the Gbox. The menus are easy to navigate with only the remote. Scrolling downwards moves thru the different categories which include latest apps, favorites, videos, music, games, apps & settings. Within the settings categories are tutorials to help the user if there are any issues with navigation.

Conclusion : We are a go!!      thumbs-up

In conclusion, this device has all the feature someone needs if they want something to cut the cord on the cable company. It is a sleek design and can power a full media center the whole family will enjoy. Kodi is what powers this device and it has virtually every movie available to choose from. This is a great buy for anyone. We all want to a movie streaming website and this device bring hundreds of website into one very useful app and box.