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Team Viewer – Remote Desktop

Team Viewer – Remote Desktop

Team Viewer is designed to allow two devices connect in what is called remote desktop. It is designed for IT departments to provide support, allow employee teamviewer_logocollaboration or as a way to work from home when you can’t get to the office. It requires very little setup and is very user friendly. There is a admin and a host computer. Where the host is usually the IT professional you need help from and the client is the user’s computer.

Another way to get free help! The program is free to use to anyone and there is also a commercial use version that is available. Once the program is installed on both host and client the program automatically generates a passcode which needs to be shared with the other computer to gain remote access. This can go both ways, from client to host or host to client.  This feature has been called switching sides. This feature can be handy if the person receiving help for the IT department needs to see the desktop of the other computer. The IT pro can simply switch sides and the user will then be allowed access to the host computer.

Share files with your other devices. Your own personal cloud.

Team Viewer can be also used to share files. It uses a simple drag and drop sync-filesinterface. There is also a copy feature so you can easily move only copiedparts of a file to the connected computer. Transferring files if quick and painless with this feature of Team Viewer. Maintaining a database on multiple computers can be difficult unless you use a great program like this one to make the process simple.

There is also a mobile app that Team Viewer has to help make tech help that much easier. It is identical to the design on the PC/Mac program. Functions available to the mobile app include but are not limited to the control panel, chat feature, remote control, remote view and much more. This is a full feature app and provides the best solution for a remote desktop available, free or commercial.

Recently TeamViewer has added additional security features to its remote apps to prevent anyone from accessing your account. One of these features is called “trusted device” which enables you to create a more secure link to the computers that you know and trust while excluding the ones that have not made any previous authorized connection. This feature was an extremely needed feature in today’s word. The programs now uses a 256 bit encryption which is higher encryption then most online banks use. Team Viewer also watches from unusual behavior and notifies you of this kind of activity.


computer-protectionTeam Viewer is a solid solution many IT professionals use day to day. There are other choices out there but most are more difficult to use and there features are limited or complicated. Team Viewer has a easy to use interface that anyone can become familiar with quickly and connects very simply. The mobile apps make this a no brainer for anyone wanting to use a remote desktop connection program.

Android file manager

Android file manager


Have you used an Android file manager?

There are so many to choose from. So many features that are totally useless. What if you had one that was easy to use, had the features you need and did more for a small fee. Keep reading to find one of the best fie managers ever made, even the free version.

We even use it on our PC’s and Mac’s

Where are the pro’s? I have tried hundreds of file explores over the years. Almost all of them did not give the flexibility I was looking for. The only saving grace they have had on desktop and laptop has been the appearance of tabs. Unfortunately the same thing has been tried on smartphones and, in my opinion, hopelessly failed.

Where most file explorer for smartphone have failed, another has succeeded. X-plore is a file explorer that uses a very unique view so that file management is fast and easy. The UI is customizable in many was as well as a file sharing ability and access to ftp sites.

Easy, smooth and free!

What makes X-plore android file manager unique is the way that you view your files. It has a two panel of viewing area that is accessible with a swipe

Right Panel

Right Panel

Left Panel

or a button that is on the screen. In the top right corner, or left (depending which tab you are on), you will notice a blue arrow. This is where you can switch between the different windows. The two panels are identical so in essence you always have two tabs open.



Under the panel switch button (under the 3 dot menu on left panel and under the arrow on right panel) you will see many icons.  Icons like new folder, delete, copy and many more. You can turn many choices on or off as well as move then up or down in the list. This can be seen in the videos on this page. With features like Wi-Fi file sharing, full customization, and rock bottom price how could you possibly not give this a try. All that and just how and where you want it. Its free and has everything you need. Paid version has a few key features that make it a security app for us as well.

Simple to use

Android File management is where this two panel view comes in handy. Source file on one panel and 1destination source on the second panel. The UI uses a check box style to preform functions from one panel to the other. So you can check as many files that need to move. Make sure the second panel is on the destination. On the source panel click copy (or desired function) and a dialog box will display, when choosing copy. It will verify the destination source and give you the option to check a move box. Click ok and the files are in process. Simple, clean and straight forward.


You must come try this app.




Password Protection

Password Protection

Password security is a very serious topic in todays world. Do you have so many
passwords that you get lost or just repeat the same password ocloud-securityver and over again. Password security is very important in this world where major corporations are getting hacked many times a year. Or when governments are collecting data on there citizens, sometimes unknown to them. Protection of your data should be moving up on the priority list


Protect Yourself!!

Do you know that there are people out there in the business of stealing your data? If you want to make passwords that are safe, secure and don’t want to have to remember hundreds of passwords then we have a great way to make this a very simple process. You can make very difficult passwords to crack and do not have to remember anything but one password. You can also sync these passwords to multiple devices and have no fear that a hacker is going to have a chance to get your precious data.fingerprint-on-enter-button


We are currently making a product that will have detailed information to help you achieve this. It is a very  simple process that will allow you to create very difficult passwords and only have to remember one to access them all. There are ways to secure your passwords on the internet but then your passwords are in the cloud away from your protection. If the server where they are stored gets hacked there is a risk that your passwords can be stolen.


With my system you have a secure place in your phone to store an unlimited android-secureamount of passwords. Also we have techniques to sync these passwords to other devices without cloud services. It is all simple and I have detailed description on how to do this.

Oi Safe is where it all start!! This is the best non-cloud password safe on the android market. It can also be installed on a PC or mac with a free app named Blue Stack. With this app you can install Android apps on and computer. It works just like an Android Phone

Download it and get familiar with these app. Check back for the completed product on the details of how to utilize this app with others so you can disconnect your data from the cloud.

The apps needed for your total password security are: