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Kodi for Android Tutorial – Free Movies on android

Kodi for Android Tutorial – Free Movies on android

Kodi can replace your cable bill!

Do you want free movies without cable? What about current tv without that cable bill? You have found a full tutorial on how to get free movies on android and your tv. There are many options when it comes to Kodi. One option is your cell phone and you can send it to your tv with a chromecast or Amazon fire stick! Another option is something like apple tv but it has Kodi loaded on it, G-box q2. With all of these devices you can install Kodi and get free movies.

amazon-fire-stick   chromecast  gbox-like

Here is the best thing since color tv! This is a review for the best video streaming app for any device, Kodi. In this tutorial we have the details on how to install Kodi for android. Kodi can be downloaded from the google play market but it does need some modifying to get it to be the ultimate Netflix killer. With this tutorial you can have Kodi up and running in less that ten minutes, plus any download time that would be needed. As always feel free to contact us and leave comments if you have any questions.

It is simpler than it looks. Kodi started its life as an app called XBMC. Thankfully so, they changed the name to something a little more pleasing. The app can be added to Android, Mac, PC and jailbroken iPhone’s. Sorry to iPhone users.

The app starts as just a generic media player. It has none of the bells and whistles that make it great. A modification needs to be done to add the ability to have the “channels” to watch the movies. Not a problem. If you are trying to install it on any other operating system just leave a comment and I will get the info to you.