Useful tips for fixing a faulty internet connection

Useful tips for fixing a faulty internet connection

The internet is for creating convenience in life, not to create stress and headaches. It can be frustrating when you lose your internet connection when you need it most. You could call up your Internet service provider but they provide little help over phone and if they send repair person it would be a charged services. BUT wait, you know TechAdict so we can help you in your time of need. Read this article and you to will be able to diagnose and fix your slow connection.

Determine if the problem is with your computer or the network:
If other devices connected to the same network are able to access internet, then problem lies with your Computer. You should check the internet settings of your PC such as Wi-Fi connection or reboot the computer. If no other device can connect to internet then problem resides in your network hardware or network configuration.

Try opening different website or program:
There can be a chance that the website you looking for is down for some reason or the program you are using may have server problem on its end. Try opening  another website or program that accesses the internet to see if you can connect. If you have another browser try opening websites in the other browser to rule out problems with the browser. There might be a problem in settings of the browser you are currently using.

Restart your PC:

Restarting a PC can be a simple solution to fix majority of PC issues. Sometimes in a PC temporary files stock pike and cause the system to slow down and not operate properly. This is the easiest way to configure all the PC settings. A simple restart can clear out bad issues causing connectivity issues. There may be a chances that nothing happen by doing this.

Reset network hardware:
If your network connection suddenly goes off then there may be fault in your network hardware and restarting / unplugging them can be helpful in restoring network connection. For this, unplug your router and modem cables, wait for some time and again plug them in. Wait till they get complete power supply then try loading web pages.

Boost your Wi-Fi signals:

If you experience problem with signals than it usually means there is issue with interference and distance of your Wi-Fi. There are various things which you can do to resolve this problem and get signals back.

Perform virus and malware scan as there may be certain malicious code hindering the ability of your pc to access internet. Virus can be tricky to get rid from, your computer would be much secure if you perform scan once in 15 days.

Deleted Data Recovery made easy 

Deleted Data Recovery made easy 

Contact us to Recover data!You can now recover your lost or deleted data from PC easily on your own! Sounds quite unusual, but you can recover your lost data or deleted data from PC very easily, if you discover the loss quickly. Chances of recovering deleted or lost files decreases every time you write anything on hard drive. Minimizing the use of computer until you completely recovering your data will prevent total data loss.

Before restore check the recycle bin. Looking in the recycle bin first is sometimes overlooked. Windows stores deleted data in recycle bin as a safety measure. It is one of the easiest places to find your deleted files. You will find your deleted files there if it has not been emptied and you can recover those files by dragging and dropping the files to the desktop to restore them or clicking the right mouse button on the file then click restore. Either method will bring back your file from the recycle bin.


Here’s how you can recover deleted data or files from the PC:


Deleted Data Recovery

Restore previous version:

In the Windows operating system there is built in functionality within file explorer to recover lost files. You can recover your deleted data or files by restoring a previous version of the folder. Once your file gets deleted from the system, the space covered by that file is cleared and is marked as free space available for saving other things. But your computer will not overwrite that space until it has no other option available. As soon as you realize that a file needs to be restored it is important to not download or save anything at that time so your files space is not overwritten. Quickly restore the folder where the files were located. You can do this by right clicking the location where your file was stored and selecting restoring previous version in the drop down menu. Its as easy as that!

Backup Hero

Use your backup:

**note**  If you are not backing up your data you are making a costly mistake.

Backups are how you keep a computer running smoothly for years. If you need help with this we teach for free easy techniques to backup and manage PC’s, Mac’s, iPhones, Androids and more. Contact us now for more info

It might be the case that you have deleted your files from recycle bin in order to remove unwanted files from your PC or you might have the habit of using ‘Shift + Delete’ (used to delete and skip the recycle bin) for deleting files. In such cases, recovering data from backup is another solution. If you have habit of backing up your hard drive or libraries then you can find you’re deleted files or data from there. If you don’t backup your files then sorry this solution is not for you. For the future you can check out our Computer maintenance packages. All packages include antivirus, computer or cell phone backups and computer or smart phone maintenance. Contact us for more info.


Try free recovery software first:

As stated above, your computer does not overwrite the space your files occupied when you delete any file or data until until there are no other space available for saving data. This why it is extremely important to not download or save anything until you have restored the deleted data. There are many free choices available to help you recover data. These software are fairly easy to use and some have a good track of record in recovering deleted data. If you have any doubts on what software to get let us know and we can assist you in choosing the right software for your situation. Below are some of the software that we know are good choices. There are many other good choices as well. Leave a comment if you have other suggestion.

EaseUs Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery


If all the above methods fail or you are unable to recover data on your own, then land on the last resort i.e. hire a professional to recover data for you. With above methods you can recover your data and files from the PC which was deleted accidentally from your computer. Questions or comments?? Leave them below

How to protect your computer from malware attacks?

How to protect your computer from malware attacks?

Most computer users have to deal with computer viruses, spam or some other sort of malware. Dealing with these computer issues is annoying, frustrating, costly and time consuming task. Being that are time is so precious we must find ways to secure our digital lives.


Malware is malicious software which is programmed by hackers or thieves to disrupt computer operation, steal personal information or gain access to your personal computer network. Usually to steal money or just to destroy something. What a waste of good talent.

Malware includes computer viruses, ransom ware, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, key loggers, dialers, spyware, adware, malicious BHOs, rogue security software, etc.

The following are the various measures which can be adopted to protect your computer from malware attacks.

Installing anti-virus software/ malware software:

Installing anti-virus software seems to be an obvious step taken for protection from malware, but everyone doesn’t bother to have one especially for PCs or laptop at home. This step is must to make your system virus free. There are many free versions of many popular anti-virus software to choose from. So there is never any excuse to not have protection.

The saying is true that you get what you pay for. Can we have the best of both worlds? We can prove it. Web Root is a virus protection company that covers multiple devices. Up to five on a basic plan and that cost any where from $40 to 60 on a given year.

secure guy

Updating Anti- virus software:

Having a protection software is the first important step and the second is maintaining that software. Update your anti-virus software timely. Free version of such anti-virus software are better but you have to pay for updated versions.

Turn on Window firewall:

Window has in built firewall which protects your pc from unwanted attention via internet. Software firewall enabled by default and works alongside any hardware firewall that’s built into your home broadband router. Its setting can be check by typing “check firewall” in start menu.

Avoid opening suspicious emails:

Try avoid opening suspicious email attachments as they might contain malicious code. You can turn on the spam filter in your email inbox. Such mails get trapped by spam filters but if one does slip through and you click its link, your web browser should detect and block the site it takes you to.

Have latest version of web browser:

Web browser is one of the essential application of your system. But just like other software, it may also get affected by bugs. It becomes quite easy for hackers to exploit such affected browsers through malicious sites and steal information. To avoid this use latest version of browsers as anything other than this may be a security risk.

cloud secure

Secure your network:

Many of our computers gets connected to files, printers, or the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection and hence are at risk of getting affected by malicious code run by hackers. Make sure connection requires a password to access these devices and password used should be strong. Never broadcast an open Wi-Fi connection.

Things to do with your old computer parts

Things to do with your old computer parts

After purchasing a new computer, you are all set to say bye-bye to your old computer and switch to a new one. Your new computer will have a boatload of memory, lots of cores, and a fast, modern graphics card and your old PC would be sitting in the corner without getting used. It is sure to just collect dust if you don’t act fast. More computers are always better.

Here are the certain ideas which you can implement to make a good use of your old computer and or its parts.

home theater

Use it with you home theater and TV:

An old computer is a great addition to your home theater system or TV. When connected to a TV you can stream movies and be in video bliss. There are many options when it comes to video streaming, paid and free. Some of the better free choices are Kodi, popcorn TV and crackle. Kodi is the clear winner. The program is available for many different operating system. We have an article here with more details. You also can store digital music on it to play on the TV or stereo. This is a great way to complete the living room media center.

Create a home server or media hub:

You can convert your old PC into a server if more than one user are using your home network. All PC’s can’t be used for this purpose, we can help you to determine if your computer can do this for you. There are many apps that can help you with streaming your digital collection to your devices. Some of the most used media apps that can accomplish this easily are Kodi (formally XBMC), Plex, and Universal Media Server

You can also use your old PC as a media hub for storing photos or important files and use it whenever you need them.


Donate Today!

Donate it to educational institution:

If your PC is in working condition then donate it to the day care center or any local educational institution. Before donating install some necessary software which can be useful to the institution taking it. Also remove your personal data from and uninstall the programs you have installed earlier while using it. If your PC is not in working condition then you can donate it to the high schools for hardware testing purposes.


Turn it into an experimental box:

Your old PC can prove to be a good experimental box that can give wings to the idea of trying new software and OS. You can make partition in windows and install another OS such as Linux (Ubuntu). There are many programs that can work on Linux and you can bring life to an old computer and the experience of other great operating systems under your belt


Convert it into a gaming console:

If you love playing games than you can convert your PC into a gaming console by installing an emulator of your choice. This would enable you to play games on your TV screens. Adding emulator to your PC would allow you to play and enjoy the game from the time of your father.


Get it recycled through reputable recycling firm:

You can get your old PC recycled through a reputable recycling firm. As all electronics recycling programs are not created equally, you must go through net or take help of EPA guide to know about it.

If your PC is in working condition than it can be helpful in making money for you. You can sell your PC and earn money from it. You can also use it for making DIY projects.

Most Common Computer Problems with their Solutions

Most Common Computer Problems with their Solutions

Sooner or later every person on the internet is faced with computer problems and calling a technician for computer problemsthese problems can bring stress to their life and a tax on their wallets. The following are the most common computer problems with their appropriate solutions.


Slow computer:

This is one of the most common and frustrating problem faced by almost every user. This problem can be caused by a lack of maintenance, fragmented data, a corrupted registry, spyware or dozens of unnecessary programs running at the same time. The first step is keeping track of your programs and when they are running to keep any system running smoothly. This can be done in Windows task manager. Simply press ctrl+alt+del then choose task manager. From there you can see programs running and process. Close any program you are not using. Only close a process if you know what you are doing due to complications that can happen.Removing programs which you don’t use at all to free space for the processors use. Uninstalling can be done from control panel=> uninstall programs.

The next level to basic computer maintenance is controlling the programs that start at the boot of the computer. This seems like a big task when it is simple enough that every user should be doing it. Start by pressing the windows logo button plus the letter “R”. This will pop-up the run window. Enter “msconfig” and press enter. Next navigate to the “Startup” tab. From here you can un-select any apps that you do not need to run at startup. Once the computer reboots the apps selected will no longer be in the process list.

Note: If you are unsure of what items should and should not be included at start up you can always contact us in any of our many contact points. TechAdict!!

**Not for the average user**

Cleaning your registry us another important part if Windows maintenance. Cleaning your registry can be done with one of the many free or paid applications available for Windows or OS you use. This is something that should not be done by the average computer user. If this is something that you would like to get more information about please contact us. Many problems can come from a bad registry cleaning software, such as, programs will not open, computer will not boot to Windows, missing programs and more.



slow internet

Slow internet connection:

If downloading, browsing or streaming videos and music online is suffering because of slow speed internet there are steroids you can take. Troubleshooting methods for slow internet connection would be depending on the factors of problem you are facing. If you can’t reach any site, check the cables then try rebooting your modem first then move to rebooting the computer. When these methods do not work try connecting to the network with another device. If internet is down for both devices call your service provider to see if service has had an interruption. There are also resources to check for service provider outages such as

Blue Screen of Death!!!

Blue screen of death

Computer doesn’t turn ON:

Here is the situation, you hit power button but machine doesn’t start. The first thing to remember is to stay calm. There are number of factors which can cause this computer problem to take place. It may be due to something as simple as a loose cord, or as serious as a dead power supply. The cost of a power supply is fairly cheap and is a simple and fast fix. Sometimes your PC gets started and monitor who is the actual culprit. Check all cables to make sure that they are connected correctly. More often times than not you will have fixed your computer all by yourself if you have followed these simple steps. If still the problem persist then contact our technicians for help.

Am I seeing this Right?

Distorted display:

If your screen looks weird – random lines or psychedelic graphics randomly appears or display goes off as soon you switch on the PC. This means your graphic card or monitor is failing and needs an urgent action for smooth operation. Look for the power supply to monitor and if there is any problem related to graphic card then get it changed by the experts. Installation can be an overwhelming task. We can walk you through almost any card install on any system with video chat. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

backup your data

Forgetting to backup of data:

Most home users overlook the importance of backing up their data and files. Because of this they are out of luck when their important files and folders go missing from the saved location. Always back up your data because after the fact is too late to recover them. There are various ways like restoring previous version, checking recycle bin for files, etc. to recover the lost data. Check out our article on data recovery.

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