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Mac is an animal of a different color. There are many reasons they are better and many reasons there are not. We find the best of this platform and know the best way to get the most out of your Mac.

You can now recover your lost or deleted data from PC easily on your own! Sounds quite unusual, but you can recover your lost data or deleted data from PC very easily, if you discover the loss quickly. Chances of recovering deleted or lost files decreases every time you write […]

Deleted Data Recovery made easy

Almost all computer users have to deal with computer viruses, spam or some other sort of malware. Dealing with these computer issues is annoying, frustrating, costly and a time consuming task. Being that our time is so precious we must find ways to secure our digital lives. What is […]

How to protect your computer from malware attacks?

Do you have a slow computer?   In most cases your computer could last a few more years and only simple maintenance is needed for that to happen. One way to do this is clean the cache and temp files. Other ways involve controlling what programs start when you turn […]

Slow computer -We can help free

Cut the cord to the cable company!! Everyone today is into movie streaming. We search endlessly for a movie streaming website The Gbox is movie streaming done right. The Gbox Q2 is not the first device the company matricom has made but it is the best they have released thus […]

Movie Streaming Done Right – Gbox

Are you having search problems? If google can’t find it there must be something wrong, right? “I Can’t find it on Google“ Well, its probably there. Everyone has search problems sometimes. We can help you find that cell phone you want or question you need answered. It seems sometimes if we […]

Google can’t find it? – search problems

Team Viewer is designed to allow two devices connect in what is called remote desktop. It is designed for IT departments to provide support, allow employee collaboration or as a way to work from home when you can’t get to the office. It requires very little setup and is very […]

Team Viewer – Remote Desktop

In this android app review we focus on DeskDock Android is built for super multi taking. So many free apps with so many different amazing features. Pop-up app drawers, mini notes, multi screen and so on. In this review we focus our attention to a great app that extends […]

Super Multi Task – DeskDock Pro -Android App Review

Have you used an Android file manager? There are so many to choose from. So many features that are totally useless. What if you had one that was easy to use, had the features you need and did more for a small fee. Keep reading to find one of […]

Android file manager

Never loose a file with knowledge!
A Deleted Photo can break anyones heart “Did I just delete my photos ? Oh No where did that picture go????”      Stop what your doing before you lose your data forever There are many ways to recover your data. The key is to not preform any updates or […]

Deleted Photos????

Password security is a very serious topic in todays world. Do you have so many passwords that you get lost or just repeat the same password over and over again. Password security is very important in this world where major corporations are getting hacked many times a year. Or when […]

Password Protection

This is a place were anyone can come and ask questions to get answers when you need help. It does not matter what you have we can give you the help you need. I have my hands in everything. Mac, IOS, Android, PC and any thing under the sun. If I don’t […]

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