Cut the cord to the cable company!!

Everyone today is into movie streaming. We search endlessly for a movie streaming website The Gbox is movie streaming done right. The Gbox Q2 is not the first device the company matricom has made but it is the best they have released thus far. With this device they have made a device that is ready for primetime and able to upgrade with the future.

Specs of the new Gbox Q2

The Q2 comes with 4K ultra HD and 3D capabilities out of the box. It comes with the Android 5.1.1 OS included and is powered by a Mali-450 Octocore GPU for 3D graphics and a Amlogic s812 Quad Core @ 2GHz processor. The device comes with 2GB of DDR3 Ram and 16GB of flash storage. Those specs alone are enough to make anyone jump. These specs are far above any other streaming box on the market and probably will be for years to come.

Designed to look beautiful

The design of the Q2 is beautiful. It is very streamlined and will look perfect on your entertainment center. There are HDMI ports, LAN port, SD card slot and two USB ports all located on the back side of the device. The Q2 has built in WI-Fi and bluetooth so connecting virtually anything to it will be a breeze.

Q box streaming Box

The device comes with a fairly typical remote control and can be the only thing you need to control your new streaming device but we recommend adding a bluetooth keyboard to one of the USB ports so navigating in the Android sections of the device is far more easy. There are upgraded packages that can be purchased thru amazon that include a bigger keyboard but we recommend a Logitech keyboard that has a trackpad connected that way you don’t have to go searching for the mouse when all you can find is the keyboard.

kodiMatricom has made the user experience much more streamlined compared to previous versions of the Gbox. The menus are easy to navigate with only the remote. Scrolling downwards moves thru the different categories which include latest apps, favorites, videos, music, games, apps & settings. Within the settings categories are tutorials to help the user if there are any issues with navigation.

Conclusion : We are a go!!      thumbs-up

In conclusion, this device has all the feature someone needs if they want something to cut the cord on the cable company. It is a sleek design and can power a full media center the whole family will enjoy. Kodi is what powers this device and it has virtually every movie available to choose from. This is a great buy for anyone. We all want to a movie streaming website and this device bring hundreds of website into one very useful app and box.