Password security is a very serious topic in todays world. Do you have so many
passwords that you get lost or just repeat the same password ocloud-securityver and over again. Password security is very important in this world where major corporations are getting hacked many times a year. Or when governments are collecting data on there citizens, sometimes unknown to them. Protection of your data should be moving up on the priority list


Protect Yourself!!

Do you know that there are people out there in the business of stealing your data? If you want to make passwords that are safe, secure and don’t want to have to remember hundreds of passwords then we have a great way to make this a very simple process. You can make very difficult passwords to crack and do not have to remember anything but one password. You can also sync these passwords to multiple devices and have no fear that a hacker is going to have a chance to get your precious data.fingerprint-on-enter-button


We are currently making a product that will have detailed information to help you achieve this. It is a very  simple process that will allow you to create very difficult passwords and only have to remember one to access them all. There are ways to secure your passwords on the internet but then your passwords are in the cloud away from your protection. If the server where they are stored gets hacked there is a risk that your passwords can be stolen.


With my system you have a secure place in your phone to store an unlimited android-secureamount of passwords. Also we have techniques to sync these passwords to other devices without cloud services. It is all simple and I have detailed description on how to do this.

Oi Safe is where it all start!! This is the best non-cloud password safe on the android market. It can also be installed on a PC or mac with a free app named Blue Stack. With this app you can install Android apps on and computer. It works just like an Android Phone

Download it and get familiar with these app. Check back for the completed product on the details of how to utilize this app with others so you can disconnect your data from the cloud.

The apps needed for your total password security are: