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PieWith android there are many ways to multi task. There are hundreds of free apps to choose from. The really good apps will have great features even in the free version and add-on features in the paid version. Pie controls is one of these apps.

I’m greedy, I want my cake and eat it too! (When I buy an app)psx-original-controller

 You get full functioning features with the free app. The paid version had some really nice features but the upgrade is not necessary to get a great app.

    Pie controls has a self explanatory name. It creates a pie shaped pop-up menu that you can customize in very useful ways. In the video below we have gone thru most of the app and have instructions on how to use it. Enjoy. It’s a great app!!

Pie Controls

The app has three or four useable area, depending on which version you are using (free or paid). The “crust” is the battery and clock bar. Like the other layers of pie controls it is highly customizable in both visual and physical ways. Color, outline, 12/24 hours, no time, no battery and some more. android-cupcake

Whats inside??

The inner slice is the first “quick apps” area. Each button area has the ability to hold two apps. One being quick touch and the other being long press. The next slice is the last one for the free version. It works the same was as the inner slice. Both the first and the second “quick apps” area have five buttons for use in the free version. While, the 2 slice has 8 buttons in the pro version (5 in the free version). There is also a third slice has 12 available with the pro version purchase.   There is two different types of pie slices. One for the top, button, left and right while the other is strictly for the corners. The corners are limited to one level and had no battery bar. Lastly, there are two different modes. One is for portrait and one for landscape. There is a check box  in the active area settings to make one mode mimic the other. If checked the height, width and position will be the same for both modes. desk-idea

This app has a lot of love to give!!

In conclusion, this app brings a very handy menu where you can open any app,  tool our setting on your phone. This is not the first or last app of it’s kind but is is one of the best in our opinion. Let us know what you think!!

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