computer problems

Do you have a slow computer?


In most cases your computer could last a few more years and only simple maintenance is needed for that to happen. One way to do this is clean the cache and temp files. Other ways involve controlling what programs start when you turn on the computer. These are just a few of the many ways to fix a slow computer. We can teach you to do these kind of fixes all on your own or you can hire us to do it for you. We custom or service to meet your needs not the other way around.

Tech Adict was started with the goal of providing excellent IT services to the customers dealing with computers in businesses and in homes. We aim to give world class tech service at a price you can afford. We all have many devices and don’t often have the time to maintain them ourselves. Count on us to help you carry to load!

We can help for free.

Contact us and we can diagnose any computer for free. As time goes by a computer tends to get slow. Almost everyone has had this happen to them. Many fixes are so simple but instead of fixing it we buy a new one, or someone convinces us to. Salesman??? Get the most life out of your computers as you can.

We can walk you thru the fix or connect remotely to help you fix many issues, free!

Often with time we install so may apps and then never use them and possibly never will. With a PC having to many installed apps slowsfree the system down. Likewise in the Android OS, it can become very lethargic with excess apps. Before you download and install any apps make sure they are really valuable to you and that you research them to make sure it’s the best one for your needs.

We also love to help people find the right app for there needs. Tell us what your desired ability is on your device and we will help you find the app to do that! Contact Us!