In this android app review we focus on DeskDock

Android is built for super multi taking. So many free apps with so many different amazing features. Pop-up app drawers, mini notes, multi screen and so on. In this review we focus our attention to a great app that extends you laptop or desktop screen. Desk dock Pro for android

3-computersSomething to think about

  • Do you want to seamlessly move files between your android phone and your Mac or PC?
  • Do you want to use your phone as another screen to your computer?

Well, the time has come for your wish to come true. Desk Dock is an app that brings all of this to life. No matter what type of computer you have this app can be a secondary display for you. In this Android app review we break down Desk Dock and all of its features.sync-phone-to-computer


Extend your reach!

This app is an all-in-one solution to bring your computers mouse and keyboard to your android device with a usb connection. It does require some expertise but nothing we can’t help you with. You should get this app if you want to multi task like nobody else with your devices. You can simply move your mouse to the predefined area on the desktop or laptop and your mouse moves I to the screen of the Android device. Amazing!!

The features

  • Use your computer’s mouse and keyboard with your android device
  • share anything you copy from one device to another, seamlessly
  • drag and drop url’s will be opened automatically
  • many shortcuts for multitouch, change volume, change brightness and more
  • supports Mac, PC, and Linux OS and works on Android 4.1+
  • No rooting your device is required, definite benefit
  • Connect Multiple android device, what are you serious? YES
  • Arrange device access where you want them
  • DeskDock is ready for the newest Android version, Nougat

The shared clipboard alone can be considered as the IOS and macOS universal clipboard. Now your Android devices can share more than just a clipboard. You mouse and keyboard can be connected to your devices as well. What an amazing time we live in. I’m so glad to be apart of this tech revolution.

one-screenPC or Mac App, free

This app does require a companion app to be installed on the PC or Mac computer that you want your android to work with. Totally free and can be downloaded here: DeskDock Server. Your Java Runtime should also be updated to the most recent version. In Mac OS this can be found in settings and close to the bottom you will find java if it has been previously installed. If not goto Java for mac. If you have a PC goto Windows Java download. Depending on your system you may have to find the correct install for your unique situation. If you have any troubles then you can contact us and we will find what you need. After all we are a free tech service, bring the questions. Subscribe and know the feeling of someone who has your interest in mind.

Here is one disclaimer from the app developer. It is something that any good developer will add to there app. Especially when there app is something as revolutionary as DeskDock Pro, I welcome the questions, and welcome your support.


“Important: Please be aware that this is an early version of this application. Bugs and issues might cross your way. If something does not work, please do
not write bad reviews, but send an emaone-screen-2il to the support email address listed below or in the app so I actually have a chance to help you or fix the issues. Thanks!” Google Play DeskDock